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Shopping Carts
We offer the best services for building and maintaining your online store.

Some of the good features include the following.
  • Search Engine Optimised Shopping Cart
  • Works well with any website
  • Easily customisable to any website
  • Accepts credit card payments using your own Merchant account and/or through PayPal.
  • Extensive Administration Control Panel Options
  • Extensive Reporting
Customer Lifecycle on your website
  1. Your customer comes to your website, reviews the products that you sell.
  2. Selects the products he/she is interested in and adds them to his/her shopping cart and checks out.
  3. If he is a new customer on your website, he would register, or if a returning customer, logs in using his/her login details.
  4. Proceeds to PayPal Payment page, enters his/her credit card details and returns to your website to complete the order
  5. Confirms the details in the automatic emails sent to his/her email address
Administrator Lifecycle on your website
  1. Logins to the Administrator Control Panel
  2. Processes the latest orders which are alerted in the admin home page
  3. Takes print-outs of the printable views of the orders
  4. Sends status updates to the customers - automatic emails sent.
  5. Goes through the reports for the day, month or all time
Major Australian Merchant Service Providers
  • Westpac
  • St George
  • Commonwealth
  • PayPal
  • NAB
  • Most of the third party Merchant Service Providers