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Currently about 85% of people surfing internet uses search engines. With this in mind, it is no mystery why search engine optimisation has become one of the hottest topics within Internet marketing. However, to reach these customers you will need to position yourself in the top on those search engines that hundreds of millions people are using daily.

We perform the following tasks in the process of optimizing your website.
  • Website Layout Analysis - We analyze your website layout so that there would not be any complains from the search engines to easily crawl through all of your website pages.
  • Keyword Optimisation - This includes identifying the best keywords suiting your business, using the keywords indirectly with in the website to improve the importance of the keywords.
  • Analyzing and increasing link popularity
  • Creating and adding doorway pages.
Search Engine Optimisation Maintenance

Google being one of the top search engines in the world, has a special approach to the advertising methodology called Google AdWords. Google AdWords shows the advertisements for specific keywords, set in the administration, when they are searched for and charges only when people is interested in the Ad and clicks on the Advertisement.
Overture Yahoo does not have the Google AdWords concept but provides a bit different service. It is a sponsored match search results. This Pay-For-Performance approach increases the need to monitor the advertisement frequently and maintaining the cost per click (CPC) to keep the site with in the top 3 displayed sponsored matches for the selected keywords.

In the maintenance program, we perform the following tasks which can only be wisely done by an expert.
  • Identifying target people
  • Creating and monitoring Ad Groups
  • Identifying keywords
  • Managing keyword cost-per-click
  • Monitoring Ad Budget
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Monitoring Keywords
    Identifying and monitoring keywords to get the best results is a continuous process. We would prepare the set of keyword that best suits for you business after careful research on your industry. We would frequently add new, disable, enable, delete keywords for better results.
  • Budget Maintenance
    Sometimes it becomes impossible to upper limit the budget at the same time getting the expected results. We expertise in getting the maximum results from the marked budget on the advertisements by monitoring and changing the daily budgets and cost-per-click rates on Google.
  • Reporting
    A weekly report would be sent to you detailing the status of the Ad by which you can compare with the previous results. Also a brief projection would be shown.