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eServices4u Outsourcing Strategy
Web development is a process well-suited for outsourcing. In today's modern, dynamical business world more and more companies realize the benefit of software outsourcing, that save the costs of in-house web development; it cuts costs in terms of time spent, training or hiring of skilled employees, expensive hardware and software.

Today's growing competition in any business area forces companies to reduce the cost of operations, while improving the quality of their products and services, the customer support service, developing worldwide promotion campaigns.

Outsourcing, and especially offshoring specific software development processes becomes one of the most viable option due to the continuous expand of the global marketplace.

While developing in-house software or outsourcing it to a software company near you can be a very expensive task (in terms of budget, time, skilled staff etc), you need to consider the solution of offshore outsourcing.
  • Consider eServices4u Web Development - if you need high-skilled developers and consultants in various IT fields:
  • from web design and web application development, to web marketing and promotion;
  • from design and development of stand-alone desktop applications to implementation of scalable distributed systems;
  • Intranet and Internet enabled databases interfaces, administration;
  • certain network configuration or system administration tasks.
A system development process can follow a number of standard or company specific frameworks, methodologies, modeling tools and languages. We, at eServices4u, has gained a standard approach over years of experience which keeps the development team work very close to the client bringing outstanding satisfactory results. We deliver daily dumps which enable the convenience for our clients to review the progress of the development on our LIVE Test Server and would be able to suggest the team immediately with any issues.